3 DIY Photography Props

If you are a passionate photographer on a budget, then this blog is set for you. Getting your feet established in the newborn photography business is difficult because finance is a huge setback. Since babies are involved, everyone wants to go for top-notch props and high-quality crafty images to savor; the cost of all of this can add up fairly quickly. Don’t second guess and pursue your passion. This blog has detailed 3 DIY methods for creating props for newborn photography.

Getting the best materials and poses right away may not be possible for you, but that does not mean you take shortcuts on a newborn’s safety. Therefore we recommend you get mentorship under professionals first to learn newborn handling for their protection during the session.

3 DIY Newborn Photography Props

Here are some of the easiest and most visually pleasing DIY hacks for newborn photography props.

Coordinating Stretch Wraps and Tiebacks

What can be perfect than easy stretch wraps and tiebacks? The best part about them is that they are unisex, can be utilized for both boys and girls. Another advantage of using them is that the stretchy wraps are wonderful for keeping fussy newborns safe and secure so that they drift off into a deep sleep and ease in the shooting.

The use of stretch wraps also keeps the startle reflex at bay. It is when the baby wakes up while you carefully pose them the shoot becomes difficult. You can get materials at a low price and great quality from Walmart for this project.

Artificial Curly Background Layer

Increase the visual appeal of your images by using faux background layers. Using materials that enhance colors and texture adds an extra edge. Preparing a background layer is a fun and easy task, and you can do it while watching your favorite series; incredible, right!

Things you will need:

  • A thick and quick yarn of your choice.
  • A felt cut piece of the size you want the layer to be.
  • Needle felting tool.
  • Needle felting mat.

Step 1 – cut the strips measuring 1 yard.

Step 2 – once done, put your scissors away. Three strings hold the yarn together; now, easily deconstruct the strings by pulling them out.

Step 3 – once the string is loose and wool is deconstructed, pull them apart into 2 equal pieces and fluff them up. You may lessen the pulling effect for a curlier looking effect.

Step 4 – line the stage with this deconstructed wool.

Recycled Newborn Outfit For Photography

The treasures at a thrift store can be upcycled into something exciting and unique. Get a good sweater from the store and make cute outfits from it.


And there you go, easy DIY 3 props for your newborn photography session. This will help you set a firm footing in the industry. Reach out to Karoll Photography for mentorship or more information; call at 770 315 2405