5 Cute Poses You Should Try As a Baby Photographer

Handling newborns is no joke; you have to be extra cautious with every move since they are highly fragile beings. When it comes to newborn photography, poses for the newborns are quite different than regular ones. How so? Well, it is obvious that babies in the first few weeks of their life cannot bear the weight of their heads.

We are here to shed some light on some very infamous poses for newborns that will help your business.

Baby Resting the Head under Their Chin

It is one of the most common and favored poses of newborns. The baby’s head is set in such a way that their chin rests in the palms creating a beautiful aesthetic. Chins on hand pose is accompanied by the baby’s diaper being covered with a flowing piece of fabric for a perfect shot.

Every Baby is Different

Newborns are just like us and have their preferences when it comes to comfort. You may find them not complying with the poses. Usually, the newborn babies refuse to lay on their stomach instead of their backs and would not curl up. However, with the right trick and gentle hands, every baby loves being swaddled.

Safety with Parents and Photoshop Aid

Positioning newborns in a bucket is nothing new. However, one must make sure that the parents are right with them at a length’s distance so that if their little ones break from the nap, a sturdy hand is there to hold and calm them down.

Snuggle Poses

It is the second most popular kind of pose for babies, the womb or taco pose. It is so named because the baby is folded in half. However, this snuggle pose is only suitable for calm, sleeping babies. The baby’s hand and feet must exactly be in the right place for a pose of this kind.

In this position, the baby’s tiny toes are carefully tucked under the chest area, making them appear like folded in half. This portrait looks really good since it melts the heart seeing the baby all curled up just like they are back in their mother.

Huck Finn Pose

This pose is can easily work for sleeping and babies who are wide awake. This is the reason why this pose is most common amongst photographers. The sleeping baby’s hands are uncovered so that they gaze and admire the tiny fingers. Babies wide awake may try to suck on their hands; in that case a perfect swaddle comes to the rescue.

Babies and Parents

Babies and parents can come beautifully together in a snuggle pose that offers maximum comfort and protection to the baby.

Final Take Out

The best part about baby photography is that every session is a new wholesome experience. There is something to learn in every shoot about this line of work and the babies. Book a session with us from one of our professionals at Karoll Photography. Contact us today at 770 315 2405.