5 Maternity Photo Shoot Poses for Capturing the Magical Moments

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, and maternity shoots allow you to capture the moments when your little one is growing inside you. You can find many maternity photographers who can make your dream pregnancy photo shoot come alive. But before you proceed, below, we will mention some maternity photo-shoot poses that you might want to consider for your session.

What Maternity Photo-Shoot Poses Should I Go For?

You might be coming up blank when you think of poses to make or just feel overwhelmed by the plethora of available options. Lucky for you, we will help narrow down some poses that you might like. These maternity photo shoot poses include:

1 – Look at The Baby Bump
Photographing the mom alone is a must and the essence of the pictures. Talk to your baby as you hug your belly; this will make for meaningful candid photos.

Another thing that might help if the baby bump is small is taking a picture at a 45-degree angle. This way, the focus will shift to the pregnant belly. Moreover, your photographer might ask you to smile while looking at the belly or do other comfortable poses to take flattering pictures of you.

2 – Shooting from The Side
Straight-on photos do not give the pure essence of a ‘maternity’ photo shoot. Hence, you can cradle your belly as the photographer captures intimate side-view pictures. Shooting from the side will also enhance your baby bump.

3 – Going for a Longer Lens
85mm, 100mm, 200mm, and above are included in long camera lenses, and they help capture your pregnancy in all its glory. In comparison, wide-angle lenses might not capture desirable pictures, as they can distort the frame sometimes. Thus, go for a longer lens in your maternity photo shoot, and ask your photographer for suggestions on poses.

4 – Bent Your Arms and Legs
Movement during maternity shoots can capture amazing photos. You can bend one of your legs, preferably the one close to the camera. In this manner, you can shift the weight and feel comfortable, as well as take amazing shots.

Other than this, you can lift your dress or skirt. In doing so, your elbows will get a nice, natural bend, and you will end up with memorable shots.

Another pose you can make is tucking your hair behind your ear. Don’t think of it as posing, but as a normal, routine thing instead. These natural movements make for amazing candid photos. Moreover, the movement will help you get over any nervousness or awkwardness.

5 – Aim for Silhouette Maternity Poses
Silhouettes are a wonderful way to enhance the belly and pregnant body. In addition, the mom-to-be does not have to feel nervous about her facial expressions. Both sitting and standing poses will work for maternity photo shoots. Even better would be to face the camera with one side; this will make the baby bump even more prominent. A silhouette will add a touch of intimacy and warmth to the photos.

Want to Capture the Magical Pregnancy Moments?

Maternity photo shoots are all about capturing the intimate, magical moments of pregnancy; many poses can help with that. You can even use props! Ask your photographer for suggestions and have a fun photo shoot. Get an expert photographer, like Karoll Photography; dial (770) 315-2405 to contact us now.