5 Tips for Newborn Session Photography

You typically only get one chance at newborn session photography, so it’s important to be prepared! Follow these 5 tips when getting ready for your newborn photography in Houston, Texas.

1. Schedule Your Session in Advance

It’s important that your child is, in the face, a newborn for newborn photography. Most professional photographers have at least a few weeks’ wait time when scheduling, so be sure you schedule far enough in advance! Don’t wait until the moment you’d like the photos taken, because it might be too late. You’ll be surprised at how fast your little one grows and changes!

2. Keep Your Child Awake Beforehand

Those peaceful sleeping photos are everyone’s goal during newborn session photography. To best achieve this, make sure your child is awake and active beforehand. Another great option is to feed them directly before because they are more likely to sleep right after being fed.

3. Arrive in a Diaper and Swaddle

Newborn session photography often involves various blanket coverings or naked baby shots. To make this easier on your photographer, and avoid waking the baby, arrive with them already undressed. This should be a loose diaper, as a tight diaper can create red creases in their skin that doesn’t look great in photos, and a swaddle to keep them warm. However, in Houston, Texas, you may not even need the swaddle.

4. Find a Professional

The newborn photographer will be handling your baby very closely, so it’s important to find a newborn & maternity photographer will plenty of experience and good reviews. Most professional photographers will also have a portfolio on their website where you can view their photography style.

5. Bring the Props You Want in the Photos

If you want any particular props in the photos, bring them! Photographers are always happy to accommodate sentimental items in the shoot.

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