Keepsakes through Photography

Don’t you wish you could pause life for a sec to appreciate it? We do. But who really stops for a second and thinks about how important the simple things are? For instance, how can we truly be grateful for something without any context of how important it is in our lives? So we are here to help you preserve life’s keepsakes through Photography. Let us explain further…

Life is full of countless milestones and celebrations that deserve to be photographed in order to last for a lifetime. The demands of modern families have increased, making it difficult to connect with each other. Due to busy work schedules and hobbies. A photo can help you in storing those precious moments that you can hand down as a legacy to your kids.

Whether you are looking for a Tijuana Ninja Turtle Mother’s Day shoot, an Ocean Themed maternity shoot, or a cake smash party. Let us help you celebrate life’s greatest moments by giving you keepsakes through Photography. We’ll bring the most vibrant and energetic personality to the table while capturing your special moments.

Each one of life’s memorable moments deserves a special photo. That is why we started in the photography business. This is a very competitive industry, but we have always tried to do our best because every photo represents our respect and appreciation for our clients. Life is a beautiful journey filled with exciting milestones. As your child grows up, you’ll want to capture all those defining moments so that you can cherish these memories for many years to come. You may want to capture even the pre-birth story or the days leading up to their birthday or even the first taste of cake!

From the big day and all the beautiful details to capture your little one’s first birthday or feet for footprints. We’ll have a great time getting all of those special moments in a fun and relaxed environment. We specialize in Maternity, Newborn, Cake Smash, and Motherhood photography. Capturing these important life events is our passion!

Capturing these special moments is one of the most meaningful things we love to do. That’s why each session is a collaboration between us and our clients. The moments you spent with family and friends, events, and milestones captured in pictures are memories. We take it back to the basics, to simplicity and elegance, to making that memory about you – permanently. If you’re new to us, please give us a chance to show you how we document these keepsakes through Photography! See our previous works on our website karollphotography/. For more details or inquiries contact us at (770) 315 2405 or