Smash Cake Photo Ideas

Smash cake session photography is a wonderful idea to celebrate your little one turning a whole year old! If you’re interested in smash cake photography in Houston, Texas, consider some of these fun ideas! They’ll ensure that your photos look amazing, and your child has a great time during the photography session.

Use Bright Colored Frosting

Smash cake photos look the best with super vibrant colored frosting! This stands out from your baby’s skin and makes the pictures look very dynamic and visually interesting. You can choose all one-color frosting, combine their favorite colors, or even have a rainbow cake!

Don’t Forget the Birthday Hat

This type of session is designed to celebrate your child’s first birthday, so don’t forget the birthday accessories! You can include balloons, a banner, and a birthday hat. Another great idea is to get images of your child licking the frosting off of a “1” candle.

Play Dress Up!

A child’s informal clothing is adorable. A child in formal clothing with frosting covering their face and shirt is too cute to handle! The juxtaposition of the fancy dress or suit with the mess of smashed cake makes for a super fun and endearing photo session.

Make Them Laugh

Smash cake photography sessions should be full of joy and laughter, so make sure your child is having the time of their life! Let them destroy the cake, make silly faces at them behind the camera, or play their favorite children’s tunes. Anything to ensure that your little one is cheerful and enjoying themselves!

Do it Outside

These types of shoots can get quite messy very quickly, so having them outside is a great option. You can make it a picnic birthday party theme and have the backdrop of a beautiful field or meadow behind them. It makes for an attractive photo and a much easier clean-up.

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