Want To Know When To Take Maternity Photos?

Pregnancy is nothing short of miraculous, and maternity photo shoots are an excellent way to collect memories of the time. You can reminisce the time you and your little one were unified. Every mom-to-be goes through physical changes while carrying their baby. Therefore, it is vital to know the best time for a maternity shoot. This article discusses when to take maternity photos. Keep reading to schedule a professional photography session at the right time.

When Is The Right Time to Take Maternity Photos?

Everyone’s pregnancy is different, but it is usually recommended to have a maternity photo session between 26 to 36 weeks, around the third trimester. The time between the 7th and 8th months is ideal, as it is when the pregnant belly becomes more prominent. Moreover, the baby bump has a nice, round shape.

Keep in mind that your belly’s shape will also depend on factors like:

  • if it is your first pregnancy
  • your body
  • your age
  • how many children you are carrying.

This time window is also suitable for the expectant parent. You will have a prominent bump, but it will not be too challenging for you to stand or pose for the pictures. Therefore, the photographer can help you show off your belly. You will end up with incredible photos from the maternity session!

When to Schedule a Maternity Session If You Are Having Twins?

Not all moms will have to wait until the third trimester for a maternity shoot. Women pregnant with twins or multiples get a visible, picture-perfect baby bump earlier. Not to forget, they usually deliver early than moms with single babies. Thus, women expecting more than one baby can schedule a maternity photo shoot during 24 to 28 weeks or as early as 13 weeks. The suitable time depends on the pregnancy and the belly.

What Is the Right Time for A Maternity Shoot With High-Risk Pregnancies?

Many people choose to have babies later in their lives. Medical breakthroughs allow people to put off having children for a later part of their life. It can sometimes lead to high-risk pregnancies. For such cases, the second trimester is the best time to have a maternity photo shoot.

When to Schedule a Maternity Photo Shoot for Announcements?

Do you want to take maternity photos to announce the pregnancy? Then you should not wait more than 27 to 28 weeks or the beginning of the third trimester. Talk to your maternity photographer and pick the most convenient day for the session.

Want To Book The Best Maternity Photographer?

Maternity sessions allow you to freeze some precious moments of the memorable journey and reflect on them later. The best time to have a maternity photo session is whenever you feel comfortable. Therefore, talk to your photographer and decide on the best time together. 26 to 36 weeks is considered the best week window for a maternity photo shoot. But, it depends on your particular case when to take maternity photos.

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