What is Smash Cake Photography?

Looking for a fun photography session to celebrate your child’s first birthday? Look no further than smash cake photography. If you’re in the Houston, Texas area, smash cake photography is a wonderful way to document a monumental moment in your kid’s life and let them have tons of fun doing it! You’ll love seeing your little one so happy and absolutely covered in cake and frosting.

What is Smash Cake Photography?

Smash cake photography is exactly what it sounds like; a type of photography session where your little one gets to destroy and eat a cake for the camera. These are typically done around the child’s first birthday, and often used as invitations to the actual birthday party!

4 Tips for a Smash Cake Session

1. Make Sure Your Child is Well Rested
The goal of this type of photoshoot is to show your child’s personality and excitement, so be sure to keep naptimes in mind and schedule for a time you know they’ll be awake and alert, and not grumpy. Nothing is worse than taking the time to set up this awesome photoshoot, and then your kid isn’t feeling it.

2. Be Prepared to get Messy
Getting messy is sort of the whole point of this session, so be prepared! Don’t put them in your absolute favorite outfit that you wouldn’t be ok with getting a possible food coloring stain on. Also, try to bring a clean change of clothes so you don’t get cake and frosting all over you and your car.

3. Schedule Ahead of Time
Many parents like to use these photos for birthday invites, so be sure to schedule ahead of time! Professional photographers typically have at least a few week’s wait time, so get ahead of the crowd to guarantee you’ll have your photos by the time you need.

4. Find a Professional
Any photography session done with your child will require a professional and experienced photographer. There are so many photographers in the Houston, Texas area, so be sure that you find one with plenty of experience, good reviews, and a style that you vibe with.