What Should I Add In My Newborn Photography Website?

Nowadays, toddler or newborn photography is on the hike. The customers are either parents or to-be. In this scenario, they want to find the best for them within a limited search. So, how can you make them come to you? Follow this blog to learn some interesting insights about setting up your newborn photography website and set it apart from other websites.

You need to understand that your webpage is a storefront. It should cleverly showcase your skill set and newborn photography style; so make sure to put your best work there. The front should give the clients what they came looking for because that is going to decide whether you are the right choice for them or not. Here is a list of 7 essential things to include on your websites for newborn photography.


We cannot emphasize this enough, you have to wow the client and sweep them off their feet. This will help turn your viewer or stalker into a real client.

Showcase your best shots. This does not necessarily mean putting your favorite personal images or your client images. We understand that privacy matters; you should show off only your best work in terms of style. Those images are what will get you hired.

Easy To Locate

Location tab and related information are critical pieces that should not be hard to find on websites. Your potential customer must be able to contact you at the location. Otherwise, if they can’t reach you out, why should they go on.

A smart way is to incorporate the address or location on the name. It is also an option to mention it in the form of a tag near copyright info.

If your office is located in more than one place, then add various location pages separately. List down places you serve.

Always update your price information

Your potential clients may or may not have any idea about the reasonable costing and the cost a photographer charges. You must know that whoever comes to your website wants clarity about your prices and charges, along with the services you render.

If you have packages with a combination of services, mention those and include exact prices. It will help you make a price range.

The main purpose of pricing is to get the actual clients on board and get rid of time wasters.

Search engine-friendly website

You should make it a point to use SEO-friendly keywords; in this case, newborn photography is the one to go for. There are various tools to look for a good searched keyword. Or in other cases what would you think about while searching for someone? Some good ones are lifestyle photographers near me or newborn photography etc.


Make sure that your address is easy to find, along with other contact information. It is best that you look for a contact form as well. Talk to us at Karoll’s photography for more info.